Born in Richmond, Virginia but grew up in Georgia. Lived in several states in between which sparked my interest and love for traveling . I didn’t get into style and fashion or become fashion conscious so to say until my sophmore year of high school and even then I wouldn’t call myself very stylish. But none the less I kept at it because it became a hobby of mine and I began to pick up and have my own taste of style. 

The summer before I left for college really sparked my interest in style because it was my first time becoming a man and I wanted to present myself as one. The change didn’t take long and before long I was shopping for myself and really coming into my own as my own fashion icon. I strongly believe that if one doesn’t look at themselves as a hero first then they will never know what a true hero looks or feels like. Blending into the crowd has always seem to be the norm, but o believe that being unique is the new norm. Dress yourself accordingly and become you’re own hero/icon! #ZionTribe 

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