Finding Quality Dress Shirts

We have all had this experience of grabbing a dress shirt from off the rack in a retail store that is labeled like a T-shirt. Categorized as, S-XL. With this sizing, it is hit and miss on if you get a shirt that conforms to your body the way a dress shirt should. 

Working as a stylist at a retail store, I often see customers come in not knowing their body measurements. When shopping for clothing, it is always best to educate yourself first on your own measures. It can be done on your own or if you feel like you want more accuracy, grab a friend or family member to measure your proper limbs for clothes. Coming into a retail store knowing your measurements will help you decide what will better fit you the most. Like I talked about in previous posts about off the rack trousers, not one off the rack clothing is really made to fit you exactly. So when buying a dress shirt you can choose the right shirt close to your measures. I always advise customers to try on before they buy because most don’t have an idea of their size and they are completely doing guess work when they come in to shop. I’ll also advise upsizing and downsizing. But most of the time I will advise upsizing because I can refer them to a tailor to help them trim away any excess fabric in the shirt that may appear from upsizing. It’s better to do that because you don’t want to buy a shirt that is too short or too small for you just because it’s close to your measures. You’ll find that a tailor can be your best friend and save you time and money when you shop for off the rack clothing.   

This look could all be purchased for under $50, including buying the shirt and trimming off any excess fabric to achieve the look on the right.

  There are always online tailor made dress shirts that you can pre order but unless you have the money to spend for those prices every time you need a dress shirt, then  off the rack shopping and tailoring is the way to go. Once in a while it will be good to invest in one or two online pre ordered tailor made dress shirt to add to your wardrobe. 

  If you’re wondering what a perfect fitting dress shirt looks like. You’re clothing should bring out all your best features. 
Until next time stay stylish gentleman. #ZionTribe


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