Tailored v.s. Untailored Trousers pt.2

When buying off the rack trousers or any clothing of that matter, keep in mind that is vary likely that you will need to alter some parts of the clothing because it is better to have your clothes fit you, and not you fit your clothes, if that makes any sense! Basically you don’t want to be a walking hanger with your clothes drapped over you.  

You want your trousers to sit right at your ankle so that the bottom of the pants is barely touching your shoes. This makes a perfectly fitted pants. This is called a no break. Meaning there is no break at the pant leg, taking out the excess frabric. 

This raps up the two part blog of tailored vs untailored edition. But stay tuned as I talk about dress shirts/suits. Until then, stay stylish! #ziontribe

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