Welcome to Zion Tribe Fashion, this is a brand that I, Orin Chandler created myself to help other men dress to their potentials and bring out there true character through how they dress. The meaning behind Zion Tribe is mostly religious inspired. Zion in the Hebrew Bible, being a mountain where a mighty city was built. Tribe meaning community linked together by varies common grounds. I combined these two names together because I felt like as a human race we all have something in common and that we are all one people. There are so many things in this world that can divide people but nothing brings groups of people together like a common liking. In this tribe, that just so happens to be style.

As a personal stylist, I want to build more artist in the world because the way someone dresses and adorns themselves can depict art in just how they dress. Let’s be honest, when we happen to come across someone that is dressed well we can’t help but to look. Imagine seeing walking art every single day, that even you could be a part of! This is a site to inspire and teach anyone who wants to learn how to become apart of a tribe that is built to enhance that potential that could be resting inside of you!

What We Do?

As your personal stylist, what you can expect from Zion Tribe:

  • Discuss your goals and what you want to achieve
  • Consider body type, budget goals, and what style fits your personality best
  • Create a personal look book
  • A critique of current wardrobe
  • provide accompanied personal shopping; If requested

What’s Next?

After developing a inspired wardrobe goal, Zion Tribe is available for ongoing shopping and styling services, along with assistance in any other wardrobe  planning.

What’s The Price Of Fashion Styling?

  •   Initial Consultation: Flat Rate of $25 (Up to 1 hour)
  •   Closet Wardrobe Critique: $20/ per hour
  •   Personal Styling: $50/ per hour
  •    Personal Shopping For Client ( Budget discussed with client; $40 flat rate fee after purchases/money back guarantee)

Want To Get Started?

Zion Tribe would love to hear from you and get you on your style journey and make you become your very own style icon. For Contact: {Email}orinchandler34@yahoo.com| Instagram DM: ziontribefashion_  | Twitter: ZTFashion| YouTube: Zion Tribe


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