Tailored v.s. Untailored/ Trousers Pt. 1

You walk into the local mall to find a pair of off the rack clothing for your next business meeting or for that church service you’ve been putting off.  What you will see on the rack is one size fits all clothing that isnt suited for the average person. Now a days you will walk into a retail store and find not only relax fit clothing but the more modern slim fit. But even with the slim fit makes, the clothing articles aren’t really personalized to an individual. 

The above image is a prime example of what you will be getting in off the rack purchases. The legs of these trousers are straight “full break”. Causing the ends of the trousers to over flow over the shoe. This is because there it is not tailored and suited for an individual person. There is nothing wrong with “full break” straight leg but it is crucial, as with all off the rack clothing, to tailor it to your personalized body measurements. 

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